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  • FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY TO SHARPEN ANY KNIFE this new sharpener is the absolute best way to sharpen dull knives and keep them sharp WITHOUT removing metal. No other sharpener comes close to the speed or performance of this breakthrough sharpener. Takes just seconds to keep all your knives razor sharp – straight or serrated.

Spring action
Independent spring action sharpeners made of ultra-hard tungsten carbide. The most-great part is the knife sharpener has two independent spring-action arms made of tungsten carbide that contour to your knife’s edge better than a knife sharpening stone.

Polish to make blades razor. Hone, sharpen and polish knives.

Quick sharpener
Razor sharp knives in seconds. Simply pull knives through. This knife sharpener is so handy and good to use, it can sharpen your knifes quickly and sharpness.
Coarse sharpening
Sharpen for very dull or damaged blades. Not only just sharpen your knife, this knife sharpener can also hone and polish your old and dull knife, make your knife look like a new one.
Works on various blades
The knife sharpener can works on various blades, like standard, serrated, and beveled etc.
Type: Knife sharpener
Material: Tungsten steel
Quantity: 1pc
Item Color: Black
Item Size: 12.1*7.8*16.2cm / 4.8*3.1*6.4" (L*W*H)

Net Weight: 380g / 13.4oz


1*Knife sharpener
1*English user manual